Telewizja Polska Presents Latest Projects and Productions at MIPTV 2011


    Telewizja Polska (TVP), Poland's esteemed public broadcaster, will bring a strong lineup of fiction production and TV series to MIPTV, taking place 4-7 April 2011 in Cannes. Located in the Festival Palace at Stand 01.11, TVP's sales team will offer its fresh TV series Instinct and Twisted Fortune, and some of Poland's most outstanding film productions from the past year, including Made in Poland, Flying Pigs, and the Montreal Film Festival awarded film Venice.

    Venice (2010, feature film) is one of the most important productions being presented at the market.

    The affecting film is set during World War II. A cellar of a house becomes both a place of hiding and a place of cherishing the deepest, most vital human dreams. At first these are dreams of children, full of pure belief in making all things possible by the force of will and mind; but later the older generations of a big family join in the play as it transforms into a ritual and an attempt to overcome the hostile world through the human spirit.

    {mosimage}The special, old, family nest-house seems to be a final asylum and brings a promise of safety. This feeling gradually flows over to the successive circles of the family's friends, neighbors and - finally - the total strangers who one day enter the house. How will it withstand a confrontation with the cruelty of war?

    Venice was awarded Best Artistic Contribution Prize at the Montreal World Film Festival, August 2010

    Made in Poland (feature film), a contemporary drama written and directed by Przemysław Wojcieszek

    Bogus (17) realizes that the only message he wants to convey to the world is captured in the phrase "fuck off". He hence tattoos it on his forehead. He shows his rage by destroying everything in his way. Even the priest Edmund is unable to soothe Bogus's frustration. His teacher, a lonely alcoholic, tries to convince the boy to quote the masterpieces of literature, but he doesn't propose any concrete solution. His mother disregards her son's distractions and worries that his tattoo will hinder him from finding a job. Only his sister and brother are fascinated with Bogus's radicalism and calls for rebellion.

    {mosimage}This dynamic plot is strengthened by a gangster motif. With the help of the priest and the intervention of an outside power, gangsters are convinced to forgive a debt and Bogus is able to marry his girlfriend.

    Flying Pigs (99', colour, 2009), a film starring one of Poland's biggest movie stars, directed by Anna Kazejak.

    Flying Pigs is a movie about passion, honor and living life to its fullest. The stake of the real game is love... One day, a local football club ceases to exist, and the lives of the four main characters are turned upside down. Oskar (Paweł Małaszyński) is forced to put on a suit and accept a job offer from the Boss (Cezary Pazura) of a local company, which has decided to launch a new football club. This is just the beginning of big troubles and ... becoming a superhero.

    TV Series:

    {mosimage}Instinct is a 13-episode contemporary crime series with an intriguing female main character. Anna Oster is a mysterious and attractive commissioner in the Investigation Department of the metropolitan police. Thanks to her exceptional instincts, commissioner Oster and her younger partner solve complex criminal cases.

    Twisted Fortune (Chichot Losu) is a Polish TV drama series, based on the bestselling novel by Hanka Lemański, released in 2006. The main character Joanna is a young, independent woman who competes only with the best co-workers. The little free time that she has is divided between a group of loyal and slightly crazy girlfriends, and her open relationship with Mark. She calls herself an "Anti-baby Yuppie" and is extremely satisfied with her way of life. But her life changes 180 degrees when she agrees to take care of her friend's children - for only two days ... It takes just one night to turn her world upside down. Two children -Aska and Luke - and a ginger cat will change Joanna's life forever.

    {mosimage}TVP stand at MIPTV
    01.11. Festival Palace

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