FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2022: Dolphin

    Dolphin by Sonja Orlewicz-Zakrzewska Dolphin by Sonja Orlewicz-Zakrzewska source: coco

    COTTBUS: Dolphin, the Polish film project which won the Midpoint Coco Award, was presented at the 2022 edition of connecting cottbus (9 – 11 November 2022). The film is produced by Magdalena Sztorc for Before My Eyes and it is written and directed by Sonja Orlewicz-Zakrzewska.

    The magical, absurd dramedy concerns a young musician whose boyfriend returns from a holiday with the unexpected announcement that he is carrying the fetus of a dolphin – a gift that the dolphins sometimes make to a chosen human. The couple’s conflict between her musical career and his newborn dolphin leads to a break-up and reconciliation with the eventual return of the dolphin to the sea and the completion of the musician’s new album.

    The director has already secured key members of the creative team and the leading actors for the 1.6 m EUR film. The production has 60,277 EUR secured with funding from the Polish Film Institute. The producers are seeking coproducers from Germany, Czech Republic and Nordic countries to supply help with CGI, music, editing, postproduction, and sound design, as well as sales agents. DoP Adam Suzin is already attached. The producers are in discussions with companies from Romania and the Czech Republic.

    Dolphin will be Orlewicz-Zakrzewska’s debut feature film. She has also worked as a cinematographer and video artist.

    Production company Before My Eyes produces both fiction and documentary films, and has racked up numerous awards in Poland.

    Production Information:

    Before My Eyes

    Director: Sonja Orlewicz-Zakrzewska
    Scriptwriter: Sonja Orlewicz-Zakrzewska
    DoP: Adam Suzin