Emerging Producers 2024 Launches Call for Applications

    Emerging Producers 2024 Launches Call for Applications credit: Jihlava IDFF

    BERLIN: European producers can apply to the 12th edition of the Emerging Producers programme till 31 March 2023, as announced at Berlinale’s European Film Market, where the Emerging Producers 2023 were introduced.

    Seventeen selected European producers will be accompanied by one producer from the next edition’s guest country – The Philippines, in partnership with the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

    Emerging Producers is a respected educational, promotional and networking programme curated by the Ji.hlava IDFF. It includes workshops in Jihlava (October 2023) and Berlin (February 2024), as well as support for the selected producers throughout the year.

    Emerging Producers 2023:

    Beata Saboova (Belgium)
    Ralitsa Golemanova (Bulgaria)
    Hana Blaha Šilarová (Czech Republic)
    Pasi Hakkio (Finland)
    Florent Coulon (France)
    Mareike Wegener (Germany)
    Genovéva Petrovits (Hungary)
    Roisín Geraghty (Ireland)
    Anete Ruperte (Latvia)
    Ruta Jekentaite (Lithuania)
    Jasper Boon (the Netherlands)
    Katarzyna Kuczyńska (Poland)
    Rui Ribeiro (Portugal)
    Andrijana Sofranić Šućur (Serbia)
    Tereza Tokárová (Slovakia)
    Matheus Mello (Spain / Brazil)
    Oksana Syhareva (Ukraine)

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