FESTIVALS: Astra Film Festival 2022 Announces Selection

    FESTIVALS: Astra Film Festival 2022 Announces Selection photo: AFF

    SIBIU: The 29th edition of Astra Film Festival has announced its official selection. Eight titles will compete in the New Voices in Documentary Cinema Competition, ten in the Central and Eastern Europe Competition and 11 in the local competition Romania Open. The festival will be held 9 – 16 October 2022.

    The fourth competition section of the festival is DocSchool.

    Three-quarters of the 7 films in the selection are premieres: 12 world premieres, six international premieres and 39 national premieres. The programme includes screenings for children (Astra Film Junior), the Astra Film DokTank industry programme (10 – 16 October 2022), as well as debates, concerts and special events.

    More than 100 cinematic productions will be held in various locations including the Full Dome (360 degree screenings in a dome installed in the main square in Sibiu).

    The 29th edition of the festival will be preceded by a warm-up event (2 – 3 September 2022), with film screenings seen from boats floating on the lake at the Astra Museum, and an open discussion between teenagers and film professionals.

    New Voices in Documentary Cinema Competition:

    Empty Handed (Israel)
    Directed by Moriya Benavot

    Children of the Mist (Vietnam)
    Directed by Diem Ha Le

    Fire of Love (USA)
    Directed by Sara Dosa

    Geographies of Solitude (Canada)
    Directed by Jacquelyn Mills

    Only the Wind (Poland)
    Directed by Zofia Kowalewska

    Performing Juliet (USA)
    Directed by András Visky

    Who We Will Have Been (Germany)
    Directed by Erec Brehmer

    Without (Serbia)
    Directed by Luka Papić

    Central and Eastern Europe Competition:

    A Parked Life (Belgium, the Netherlands)
    Directed by Peter Triest

    Brotherhood (Czech Republic, Italy)
    Directed by Francesco Montagner

    Flying Sheep (Germany, Romania)
    Directed by Alexandra Gulea

    Holy Dilemma (Hungary)
    Directed by Julianna Ugrin

    Life of Ivanna (Russia, Norway, Estonia, Finland)
    Directed by Renato Borrayo Serrano

    No Place for You in This Town (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Nikolay Stefanov

    Ostrov – Lost Island (Switzerland)
    Directed by Svetlana, Laurent Rodina, Stoop

    Our Eve (Republic of Moldova)
    Directed by Ana Gurdiș

    Reconciliation (Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo)
    Directed by Marija Zidar

    The Pawnshop (Poland)
    Directed by Łukasz Kowalski

    Romania Open Competition:

    Whose Dog Am I? / Al cui câine sunt? (Hungary, Romania)
    Directed by Róbert Arpad Lakatos

    No Elephant in the Room / Globus (Poland, Romania)
    Directed by Clara Kleininger

    In Search of the Engineer Dragomirescu / În căutarea inginerului Dragomirescu (Romania)
    Directed by Dragoș Zămosteanu

    Memories from the Community Gheorghieni and Frumoasa (Romania)
    Directed by Armine Vosganian

    My Home, My Home (Hungary)
    Directed by Anikó Nagy Mára

    The Man and His Shadow / Omul cu umbra (Romania)
    Directed by Dragoș Hanciu

    The Road Ahead: Terra Banatica / Oamenii drumului: Terra Banatica (Romania)
    Directed by Mircea Gherase

    Rear Entrance to Socialism (Romania)
    Directed by László Csibi

    The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters (Romania)
    Directed by Cătălina Tesar, Dana Bunescu

    Waves on Dry Soil / Valuri pe uscat (Romania)
    Directed by Raluca David

    Eagles from Țaga / Vulturii din Țaga (Romania, Slovakia)
    Directed by Adina Popescu

    Click HERE for the press release and HERE for the entire official selection.