FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2023: Pyrrhic

    Pyrrhic by Cosmin Nicolae Pyrrhic by Cosmin Nicolae source: coco2023

    COTTBUS: Transylvania Pitch Stop CoCo Award winner Pyrrhic made its pitch at the 25th anniversary edition of connecting cottbus, which was held 8 – 10 November 2023. The debut feature from writer/director Cosmin Nicolae is produced by Velvet Moraru and Ioana Moraru for Romania’s Icon Production.

    Forty-year-old Victoria returns from her tour of duty in Afghanistan with a case of PTSD, living with her problematic father and unable to integrate herself into crowded surroundings. She takes a job which allows her to spend her time away from most other people, working at a port on the Black Sea coast. One day she discovers a container filled with migrants, all of them dead except for one who runs off. She becomes more divorced from reality and thinks she has seen him. She begins to interact with the migrants she now recognises all around her, finally leaving in search of the migrant survivor.

    Romanian-born Cosmin Nicolae resides in Berlin, where he works in television and music production. He told the connecting cottbus attendees that he is seeing a mixture of professional and non-professional actors.

    The producers have secured 992,000 EUR of the film’s 1.55 m EUR budget. Partners on the project include MMS Communications, Publicis and Chainsaw Europe.

    Some key crew positions have been filled, and casting is set to begin.

    The filming will take place in October/November 2024.

    The producers are seeking coproducers, sales agents and distributors.

    Icon Production’s award-winning films include Andrei Ujică’s 2020 film Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu.

    Production Information:

    Icon Production (Romania)
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    Director: Cosmin Nicolae
    Scriptwriter: Cosmin Nicolae
    DoP: Tudor Panduru
    Editor: Cătălin Cristuțiu