Production: Constantin Popescu shoots Principles of Life

By Iulia Blaga

Constantin Popescu (Tales from the Golden Age) is directing Principles of Life with Vlad Ivanov (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days)appearing in hi first leading role on screen.

Principles of Life is a contemporary 24 hour drama about a father disconnected from his family, especially from his son. Or, as producer Ada Solomon told FNE, "It is a film about the craziness of the day-to-day life that is taking us away from what's really important: our family".

The screenplay is written by Răzvan Rădulescu (The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu) and Alexandru Baciu (Boogie).

{mosimage} The film is produced by Solomon and HiFilm Productions (www.hifilm.ro) and won a €285,000 grant from the National Centre for Cinema (www.cncinema.abt.ro ), €10,000 from the Balkan Film Fund (www.filmfestival.gr ) as the recipient of Balkan Film Fund Thessaloniki Award, and €5,500 from SEE Network (www.gfc.gr/see ). It also had €7,000 Montpellier Development Grant (www.cinemed.tm.fr ). The project participated at Cine Link Sarajevo (www.sff.ba ) and Connecting Cottbus (www.connecting-cottbus.de). The budget is €600,000.

Liviu Marghidan (California Dreamin': Endless) is the DOP.

Shooting started on September 21, will wrap on October 20, and is taking place in Bucharest. Sales agents have already expressed interest in seeing the film. The premiere is planned for the second half of 2010.

Production Information

HiFilm Production

179, Traian st.

024043, Bucharest, Romania

Phone: + 4021 252 48 67
Fax: + 4021 252 48 66
Mobile: + 40723 200 640
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Director: Constantin Popescu

Script: Răzvan Rădulescu, Alexandru Baciu

DOP: Liviu Marghidan

Editor: Corina Stavilă

Cast: Vlad Ivanov

Gabriel Huian

Rodica Lazăr

Crina Mureşan

Nicolae Nastasia

Victoria Cociaş

Gabriel Spahiu

Andreea Samson

Adelaida Zamfira