USA and China Distribution for Serbian Box Office Hit The Samurai in Autumn

    Hristina Popovic and Petar Strugar in The Samurai in Autumn by Danilo Bećković Hristina Popovic and Petar Strugar in The Samurai in Autumn by Danilo Bećković

    BELGRADE: France-based world sales company Wide Management has announced that the Serbian film The Samurai in Autumn / Jesen samuraja will be distributed in China as well as in the USA, where it will get cinema, TV and home video screenings.

    The film's plot goes as follows: Karate champion Vladica falls from grace after being caught in a doping scandal. He returns to his birthplace, a small town in Serbia and finds redemption by falling in love with a single mother whose son he is teaching in his karate class. Unable to maintain his lifestyle, he secretly enters the underground fghting circuit and risks losing it all.

    The Samurai in Autumn was scripted by Dimitrije Vojnov, directed by Danilo Bećković and produced by two Serbian production companies: Mali Budo and Gargantua Films. Vojnov, Bećković and Marko Paljić, the producer, previously collaborated on Little Buddho / Mali Budo, a smashing action-packed box office hit in Serbia in 2014, also primarily produced by Mali Budo and Gargantua Films. The main cast of The Samurai in Autumn includes Petar Strugar, Hristina Popović, Nikola Kojo, Sergej Trifunović and Patar Novićević. The Samurai in Autumn was supoorted by Film Center Serbia..

    The Samurai in Autumn / Jesen samuraja was a big box office hit as well, with around 160,000 spectators during the cinema distribution in Serbia, Montenegro and The Republic of Srpska (a segment of Bosnia and Herzegovina). The film also screened at the Cottbus Film Festival and the Cairo International Film Festival and it was chosen to close the Minsk International Film Festival Listapad.

    The majority of the team behind Little Buddho and The Samurai in Autumn is currently working on their new fiction feature, a film presently titled Trials of Chul / Čulova iskušenja, which is to be a Serbian/German/South Korean coproduction. It has already been supported in Film Center Serbia’s contest for project development and on Wedenesday it was announced that it also had won support for project development at  the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM) fund in Germany through its German coproducer, the 42 Films production company.

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