FESTIVALS: Twelve Films Selected for Beldocs Main Competition


    BELGRADE: The 11th Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival, which runs 7 – 14 May 2018, will screen 12 films in its international competition and another nine films in the Serbian national competition.

    Special the Retrospective Programmes will focus on the Austrian director Ulrich Seidl and the Slovenian director Vlado Skafar. The festival will introduce a new selection entitled ‘Meteors’, consisting of radical documentaries and hybrid genres.

    The Industry Programme will include ‘Beldocs in Progress” (BIP), a platform for presenting Serbian development-stage documentary films to film professionals from Serbia and abroad. BIP will offer awards of 2,000 EUR given by the Serbian Film Centre and 4,000 EUR given by the Living Pictures production company.  

    More information about the festival is available HERE.

    The International Competition programme follows:

    Faces  Places (France)
    Directed by Agnès Varda & JR

    Human Flow (Germany)
    Directed by Ai Weiwei

    Piazza Vittorio (Italy)
    Directed by Abel Ferrara

    Brimstone & Glory (USA, Mexico)
    Directed by Viktor Jakovleski

    Vivre Riche (France, Burkina Faso)
    Directed by Joël Richmond, Mathieu Akafou,

    Meteors (Turkey)
    Directed by Gürcan Keltek

    Boli Bana (Belgium, France)
    Directed by Simon Gillard

    14 Apples (Taiwan, Myanmar)
    Directed by Midi Z

    Distant Constellation (Turkey, Netherlands, USA)
    Directed by Shevaun Mizrahi

    Of Fathers and Sons (Germany, Syria, Lebanon)
    Directed by Talal Derki, Germany, Siria, Lebanon

    Happy Winter (Italy)
    Directed by Giovanni Totaro

    Napalm (France)
    Directed by Claude Lanzmann