Gordan Matić Appointed New Director of Film Centre Serbia

    Gordan Matić, Director of Film Centre Serbia Gordan Matić, Director of Film Centre Serbia

    BELGRADE: The Government of the Republic of Serbia has accepted Boban Jevtić's resignation and appointed Gordan Matić as the new director of Film Centre Serbia.

    Gordan Matić has directed several theatre plays and short films, as well as the popular docu-fiction Ginger: More Than a Game  / Žućko - Priča o Radivoju Koraću  (produced by ReKreativno and Gargantua  Film)  and 10 episodes of the docu-fiction series Serbian Medieval Heroes / Srpski srednjevekovni junaci, aired on the Radio Television of Serbia - RTS.

    He has also been a selector for the Šumadija International Film Festival in Kragujevac and founder and lecturer at the FRKA film workshop. He is also a member of the Executive Board for Culture and Media FICTS in Milano, Italy and a member of the EFA - European Festival Association. 

    During Boban Jevtić's mandate (from 2015 to 2019), Serbia joined the MEDIA Creative Europe programme and the EFAD - European Film Agency Directors as the only non-EU member.

    The regular dynamics of the FCS co-financing competition was established, rising to 27 calls in various categories a year. The incentive scheme for foreign coproductions filming in Serbia was introduced and successfully implemented, and thus documentary production and foreign coproductions grew in number during the same period.