Serbian Golden Boy Acquired by Amazon Prime

    Golden Boy by Ognjen Janković Golden Boy by Ognjen Janković credit: Fantastika Film Studio

    BELGRADE: Serbian sport drama Golden Boy / Zlatni dečko directed by Ognjen Janković has been acquired by Amazon Prime. The distribution started on 20 November 2022 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The same goes for the TV series under the same title, consisting of five one-hour episodes.

    As reported by the production, further expansions and negotiations are already underway.

    Golden Boy focuses on a young and aspiring football player, burdened by temper issues, who from early youth and due to his gift has been the target of various interests.

    The script was written by Aleksa Ršumović, Vuk Ršumović and Janković himself. The main cast consists of Denis Murić, Igor Benčina, Andrija Kuzmanović and Petar Strugar.

    Janković also produced the film together with Uglješa Jokić through Fantastika Film Studio. The production was supported by Film Center Serbia and Telekom Srbija.

    Art Vista released the film in Serbia in January 2022 with 160,239 admissions so far.