BOX OFFICE: Indigo Crystal Leads Serbian Box Office in First Week of Cinema Distribution

    Indigo Kristal by Luka Mihailović Indigo Kristal by Luka Mihailović credit: Archangel Studios

    BELGRADE: Luka Mihailović’s debut feature Indigo Crystal / Indigo Kristal, which was released by Art Vista on 9 March 2023, has taken the lead in the Serbian box office in its first week of theatrical distribution with 35,277 admissions and 150,040 EUR / 17,601,928 RSD gross.

    The runner-up, American blockbuster Scream VI, had 14,075 admissions during the week in question.

    The film penned by Luka Mihailović takes place during the course of four days and follows Vuk, a 30-something man released from prison, who, driven by the suicide of his best friend, is trying to save his younger brother.

    Indigo Kristal by Luka Mihailović, credit: Archangel StudiosIndigo Crystal was produced by Archangel Studios and coproduced by Režim in cooperation with the RTS – Radio Television Serbia, the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, the Municipality of Šabac and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

    In comparison, in January 2023 the domestic feature Storm / Oluja by Miloš Radunović, produced by Omega produkcija and Telekom Srbija, and distributed by Stars Media International, took the leading position with 39,572 admissions in its opening week.