FESTIVALS: FEST in Belgrade Announces 2024 Lineup


    BELGRADE: A total of 108 films from almost 40 countries will be screened in six venues at the 52nd edition of Belgrade’s FEST, running from 23 February up to 3 March 2024.

    Alexander Payne’s The Holdovers will open the festival and the Serbian drama Russian Consul / Ruski konzul, directed by Miroslav Lekić and produced by VisionTeam and Telekom Srbija, will be the closing film.

    The honourary Belgrade Victor Award will be handed to Želimir Žilnik, a genuinely unique Serbian filmmaker with works spanning over five decades.

    Main Competition Programme:

    Without Air / Elfogy a levegő (Hungary, Romania)
    Directed by Katalin Moldovai
    Produced by Magma Cinema
    Coproduced by Salamandra Film, Spot Film
    Supported by the National Film Institute - Hungary (NFI)

    Black Tea (France, Mauritania, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Ivory Coast)
    Directed by Abderrahmane Sissako

    The Deliquents / Los delincuentes (Argentina, Luxembourg, Brazil, Chile)
    Directed by Rodrigo Moreno

    The Owner (Russia, France, Switzerland)
    Directed by Yuriy Bykov

    One Love / Un amor (Spain)
    Directed by Isabel Coixet

    Lilacs / Jorgovani (Serbia)
    Directed by Siniša Cvetić
    Produced by Košutnjak Film

    Firebrand (UK, USA)
    Directed by Karim Aïnouz

    The Successor / Le Successeur (France, Canada, Belgium)
    Directed by Xavier Legrand

    The Teacher (UK, Palestine, Qatar)
    Directed by Farah Nabulsi

    The Vanishing Soldier (Israel)
    Directed by Dani Rosenberg

    Working Class Goes To Hell / Radnička klasa ide u pakao (Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania)
    Directed by Mladen Đorđević
    Produced by Banda, Sense Production
    Coproduced by Agitprop, Homemade Films, Adriatic Western, Kinorama, Tangaj Production, Cinnamon Films
    Supported by Film Center Serbia, the Bulgarian National Film Center, the Greek Film Centre, the Film Centre of Montenegro, the Croatian Audivisual Centre (HAVC), Eurimages

    The Breaking Ice / Ran Dong (China)
    Directed by Anthony Chen

    Rosalie (France, Belgium)
    Directed by Stéphanie Di Giusto

    Only When I Laugh / Samo kad se smijem (Croatia, Serbia)
    Directed by Vanja Juranić
    Produced by Maxima Film
    Coproduced by Biberche Productions
    Supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Film Center Serbia

    Stella, A Life / Stela, ein Leben (Germany)
    Directed by Kilian Riedhof

    The Holy Family / Sveta obitelj (Croatia, Serbia)
    Directed by Vlatka Vorkapić
    Produced by InterFilm
    Coproduced by Zillion Film
    Supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Film Center Serbia, the Croatian Radio and Television (HRT)

    That’s It For Today / Za sada toliko (Serbia, the Republic of Srpska – Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Directed by Marko Đorđević
    Produced by Alterise, CinneRent, Digital Goblen Media, Stiglitz Production
    Supported by Film Center Serbia, the Audio-visual Centre of Republic of Srpska