FNE Oscar Watch 2022: 107 Mothers to Represent Slovakia in Oscar Race

    107 Mothers by Peter Kerekes 107 Mothers by Peter Kerekes

    BRATISLAVA: The Slovak/Czech/Ukrainian coproduction 107 Mothers / Cenzorka by the acclaimed Slovak director Peter Kerekes has been selected as Slovakia’s candidate for the 94th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award in the Best International Feature Film category.

    The film received the award for best script, for Peter Kerekes and Ivan Ostrochovský, in the Orizzonti section of the 78th Venice International Film Festival (1-11 September 2021).

    Lesya has committed a crime of passion which brings her a seven-year sentence in one of Odessa’s women’s correctional facilities. She has just given birth to her first child, and now she is entering a world populated only by women. If not for the colour of the uniform, it would sometimes be hard to tell who is who.

    Maryna Klimova, Iryna Kiryazeva and Lyubov Vasylyna play the main characters.

    107 Mothers was produced by Ivan Ostrochovský through Slovakia’s Punkchart films in coproduction with the Radio and Television of SlovakiaEndorfilm from the Czech Republic, Ukraine’s Arthouse Traffic, Peter Kerekes Film from Slovakia and Hypermarket Film from the Czech Republic.

    The project was supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Czech Film Fund, the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak RepublicEurimages and the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture.

    The 94th Academy Awards ceremony is due on 27 March 2022. A shortlist of 15 finalists will be announced on 21 December 2021 and the nominees will be announced on 8 February 2022.