GRANTS: Slovak Audiovisual Fund Approves Increased Support for 2022


    BRATISLAVA: The Slovak Audiovisual Fund approved on 9 November 2021 the 2022 funding of 8 m EUR, and announced its first call for support for student productions and film education, with a deadline on 6 December 2021.

    The budget also takes into account the effects of the pandemic, with a partial redistribution of funds in order to increase support for distribution, training of film professionals and new priorities in the area of ​​distribution as well as the operation of cinemas and new distribution platforms.

    Standard support for applicants still remains a priority for the fund. However, as the crisis situation is constantly changing, the fund may operationally issue a special call to mitigate its effects. At the proposal of the Association of Independent Producers, the fund will also map the current situation of people working in the film industry and changes caused by the pandemic crisis.

    The fund also responds to the intensive development of new platforms for making audiovisual works accessible, and the promotion of distribution through new technology platforms is a priority for several programmes of its new structure. Support for the distribution of Slovak audiovisual works for people with disabilities is also a new part of the structure.

    By stepping up support for professional education and training programmes aimed at gaining experience and professional skills, including the participation of film professionals in international training events and workshops, the fund is also responding to the increased demand for film professionals, which was particularly noticeable during the summer months.

    The fund, in cooperation with the Slovak Film Commission, continues to be interested in the process of green-film production, which implies new support for training programmes aimed at training certified eco-consultants in the production of audiovisual works.

    The fund announced its first call for applications for the support of audiovisual works by university students and for support for the preparation and implementation of audiovisual programmes aimed at education and training in the field of film art. Applicants can respond to the call through 6 December 2021, along with the call to support the distribution of foreign cinematographic works in the Slovak Republic.