FESTIVALS: Be2Can Film Festival Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary in Czech Republic and Slovakia


    BRATISLAVA: The Be2Can Film Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary in various towns all over Slovakia from 11 to 18 October 2023. The celebration started with the 10th Be2Can in the Czech Republic (4 – 11 October 2023).

    Ivan Hronec, credit: Be2Can.czThe festival founded by Ivan Hronec and the leading regional player Film Europe Media Company offers a diverse and refined selection of the most outstanding films from the Berlin, Venice and Cannes festivals.

    The event showcases brand new filmmaking voices as well as the work of iconic directors through film screenings and discussions with guests.

    “Be2Can is a travelling distribution festival show in which more than 50 cinemas in the Czech Republic and Slovakia participate. Objectively, this is one of the largest ‘federal’ film and cultural events of both countries. Be2Can is a communication event, the first stage of a complex distribution ecosystem, from which festival films are then introduced to wide cinema distribution, VOD platforms and television. An average of 10,000 viewers visit the Be2Can show, 100,000 viewers per year at the Be2Can cinema and Edisonline VOD distribution, and 500,000 households watch Be2Can films on the pay TV Film Europe Channel”, Ivan Hronec said in the introductory speech Decade of Be2Can, which can be read fully HERE.