FNE at Cannes 2016: EFP Producer on the Move: Boštjan Ikovic

    Bostjan Ikovic Bostjan Ikovic

    LJUBLJANA: Boštjan Ikovic, a producer at the Slovenian production company Arsmedia, will attend this year's Cannes Film Festival as a part of European Film Promotion’s 2016 Producers on the Move.

    After finishing his studies in Economics, with four semesters in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and four semesters in Graz, Austria, Ikovic started working on TV series and feature films. So far he has produced five feature films and four documentary films. At the moment Ikovic is finishing Marko Sosič’s A Comedy of Tears and also producing a short film and a documentary film.

    At the Cannes Film Festival Ikovic is presenting the feature film Once Were Humans, a coproduction between Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Italy, but he is also searching for new coproducers. He is also developing another project with the working title Letters from Lindenhof by Miran Zupanič.

    Ikovic told FNE that film has been in his family for a very long time. “I was born with film and since my childhood I remember we always talked about film at home. My mother took me to film shoots many times. After my graduation in Economics, I started working in the film industry.”

    He finds his inspiration in different stories and topics, and his main concern is how to relay the film’s message to the audience. “The biggest inspiration is to make the impossible possible and to make the audience interested in it.”

    Ikovic said that he wants to produce feature films with powerful historical or contemporary stories. As for the future, Ikovic told FNE, “I wish to have partners in Europe and around Europe, to make successful feature films in coproduction.”


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