Dejan Prešiček Appointed New Slovenian Minister of Culture


    LJUBLJANA: Dejan Prešiček was appointed new Minister of Culture for Slovenia on 15 September 2018. The new Minister started his term in office by announcing that he is planning to prepare a new national cultural programme and to pass legislation which would ensure additional funding for the culture. He will strive for further development of the Slovene film production and also acknowledges the importance of encouraging foreign film production in Slovenia.

    Dejan Presicek, credit: Bor Slana / STAPrešiček outlined his plans for how the cultural production on a national level could be better supported, endangered units of the cultural heritage could be restored, infrastructure of the public institutes could be improved and also the status of the self-employed in the culture and NGOs could be improved.

    "I am very pleased that on the first day after his appointment, the new minister of Culture attended the national film awards ceremony in Portorož. I understand this as strong support to filmmaking, and I hope that after several years, the funds for film making in Slovenia will increase," Nataša Bučar, the director of the Slovenian Film Center, told FNE.

    Prešiček studied the saxophone at the College of Music in Frankurt, Germany and in Bordeaux, France. He is the director of the Conservatory for Music and Ballet Ljubljana, where he teaches saxophone. He also performs with various chamber and symphonic ensembles in Slovenia and abroad, especially in a duo with his sister, the pianist Nina Prešiček. He is a member of the Slovenian Social Democratic Party (SD).