Slovenia Provides More Funds for Art and Culture

    Zoran Poznič Zoran Poznič credit: Ministry of Culture

    LJUBLJANA: The Slovenian parliament passed a new bill providing 122.6 m EUR in additional funds for arts and culture for the period of 2021 – 2027, an average of 17.5 m EUR each year, for seven years.

    The move is a marked change from the policies of the past decade. Since 2009, there has been a decline in funds going to the arts and cultural sector.

    Members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia approved the proposal of the Act on the provision of funds for cultural programmes of the Republic of Slovenia on 26 November 2019. To ensure equal development in the cultural area, competitiveness of the Slovenian language in the digital environment, preservation of the most endangered cultural heritage and the accessibility of cultural assets, the funds from the proposed law will be used for certain urgent programmes, among them preservation and restoration of the most endangered and most important Slovenian films, music, ballet and dance heritage and digitalisation of the cultural heritage.

    Minister of Culture Zoran Poznič stressed that “… the proposition brings equal development in the field of culture, Slovenian language has to be competitive in the digital environment, we have to preserve the most endangered cultural heritage and ensure every citizen has better access to cultural assets”.