PRODUCTION: Slovenian/Macedonian/Croatian Black Comedy Grandpa Goes South Starts Shooting

    director Vinci Vogue Anžlovar director Vinci Vogue Anžlovar Luka Matijevec

    LJUBLJANA: Shooting has started on the black comedy Grandpa Goes South / Dedek gre na jug, directed by Vinci Vogue Anžlovar. So far the film is a coproduction between Slovenia, North Macedonia and Croatia, but a Czech coproducer is also expected.

    The eight-day shoot started in the Litostroj industrial hall in Ljubljana on 21 August 2020. The next segments are planned for October 2020 and they will take place in Slovenia again and also in Croatia and North Macedonia.

    “We have faced, as all of the Slovenian producers, great difficulties in providing the cash-flow from the Slovenian Film Centre. Due to the fulfilment of our obligations to other co-financiers, we were forced to take a loan in order to shoot the first eight days. We hope that the financial situation will improve in Slovenia and we will be able to continue with the rest of the filming at the end of September”, producer Branislav Srdić told FNE.

    The story written by Vinci Vogue Anžlovar follows two old-aged friends who try to find the meaning of their lives. Vlado, a retired jazz musician, decides to take his fellow musician Boris, who is undergoing a cancer treatment, to Serbia in his camper van, so Boris could say goodbye to his lost love Neda. After their escape from the hospital, Vlado nearly runs over Esma, a rising young singer, who is also on the run as an accidental witness in an assassination.

    Well-known and awarded Slovenian actors Vlado Novak and Boris Cavazza are starring.

    Grandpa Goes South is produced by Branislav Srdić through the Slovenian A Atalanta in coproduction with Vac Anastasov in Angela Nestoroska through Sektor film (North Macedonia) and Igor Nola through MP Films (Croatia). The project is supported by the Slovenian Film Centre, the North Macedonia Film Agency and RTV Slovenia, while Studio Viba Film  is providing additional technical support.

    The estimated budget is 1.3 m EUR, Branislav Srdić also told FNE, adding that they are still counting on a possible Czech production partner as well. 

    Production Information:

    A Atalanta (Slovenia)
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    Sektor film (North Macedonia)
    MP Films (Croatia)

    Director: Vinci Vogue Anžlovar
    Screenwriter: Vinci Vogue Anžlovar
    DoP: Miloš Srdić
    Music: Imer Brizani
    Sound designer: Julij Zornik
    Production designer: Petra Kriletić
    Costume design: Zarja Predin
    Make-up: Tina Lasić
    Cast: Vlado Novak, Boris Cavazza, Zala Djurić, Goran Novajec