FESTIVALS: Festival of Slovenian Film 2020 Announces Lineup

    Father by Srdan Golubović Father by Srdan Golubović photo: Maja Medić

    LJUBLJANA: Only three Slovenian feature films and four long documentaries will be screened in the competition of the 23rd Festival of Slovenian Film, which will run from 6 to 11 October 2020.

    Another six films will screen in the Slovenian minority coproductions competition. This year the festival will take place in Ljubljana, rather than in Portorož as in previous years. Due to this year's pandemic circumstances, no new domestic feature title will have its premiere, as all three have already been released in cinemas or broadcast on television.

    A total of 44 domestic films (7 feature films, 7 medium-length films, 21 short films, 9 student films) and 9 minority coproductions (5 feature films, 1 long documentary, 3 short films) will be screened in the festival of slovenian ilm 2020official competition and 51 of them will compete for Vesna awards.

    The Panorama programme features 49 titles, with no full-length feature film (4 long documentaries, 8 medium-length films, 20 short films and 14 student films). Twelve short films dealing with pandemic issues will be shown in a special section titled Koronaprogram, and Tribute presents a selection of films of this year's Badjura Award recipient, Konrad Koni Steinbacher, an author of many short animated films.

    The competition films will be screened in Ljubljana's cinema Komuna, while the Panorama programme and other special screenings will be broadcast on-line through a special web platform, built with the team from the national television RTV Slovenija.


    Feature Films:

    Breakthrough / Preboj (Slovenia)
    Directed by Dejan Babošek
    Produced by Narayan Produkcija, Zveza borcev za vrednoste NOB Slovenije, KZD Triglav
    Coproduced by Studio Ritem (Slovenia)

    Let Him Be a Basketball Player 2 / Košarkar naj bo (Slovenia)
    Directed by Boris Bezić
    Produced by Gustav Film
    Coproduced by RTV Slovenija, MB Grip, Studio Ritem, Unicasting and Art Rebel 9
    Supported by the Slovenian Film Centre

    Don't Forget to Breathe / Ne pozabi dihati (Slovenia, Italy, Croatia)
    Directed by Martin Turk
    Produced by Bela film
    Coproduced by Quasar Multimedia (Italy), Studio Dim (Croatia), RAI Cinema (Italy), RTV Slovenija
    Supported by the Slovenian Film Centre

    Long Documentaries:

    Arson / Požig (Slovenia)
    Directed by Majda Širca
    Produced by RTV Slovenija

    Ivan Bolle – A Lonesom Rider / Ivan Bolle – Volk samotar (Slovenia)
    Directed by Matjaž Žbontar
    Produced by Fatamorgana
    Coproduced by Arkadena, Solsticij

    Antigone – How Dare We! / Antigona – Kako si upamo! (Slovenia)
    Directed by Jani Sever
    Produced by Sever & Sever
    Coproduced by RTV Slovenija
    Supported by the Slovenian Film Centre 

    Kino Šiška 10 / Kino Šiška 10 (Slovenia)
    Directed by Maja Pavlin
    Produced by RTV Slovenija

    Slovenian Minority Coproductions Competition (full-length films):

    Wonder When You'll Miss Me / Mi chiedo quando ti manchero’ / Sprašujem se, kdaj me boš pogrešala (Italy, Slovenia) feature
    Directed by Francesco Fei
    Produced by Apnea Film (Italy)
    Coproduced by Invisibile Film (Italy), Casta Diva Pictures (Italy), Petra Pan Films (Slovenia), RAI Cinema (Italy)
    Supported by the Slovenian Film Centre, Sardegna Film Comission Italy, RAI Cinema (Italy), Instituto Luce (Italy), Viba Film (Slovenia), Casa diva (Italy), Moovie (Italy), 22Dogs (Italy), Tax Credit (Italy)

    Apples / Mila / Sadeži pozabe (Greece, Poland, Slovenia) feature
    Directed by Christos Nikou
    Produced by Boo Productions (Greece),
    Coproduced by Lava Films (Poland), Perfo Production (Slovenia)
    Supported by Polish Film Institute PISF (Poland), Greek Film Center (Greece), ERT (Greece) MEDIA – Creative Europe

    Asymmetry / Asimetrija (Serbia, Slovenia, Italy) feature
    Directed by Maša Nešković
    Produced by This & That Productions (Serbia)
    Coproduced by Korektif (Slovenia), Nightswim (Italy)
    Supported by Film Center Serbia

    Father / Oče / Otac (Serbia, France, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) feature
    Directed by Srđan Golubović
    Produced by Baš Čelik (Serbia), ASAP Films (France), Neue Mediopolis Film (Germany), Propeler Film (Croatia), Vertigo (Slovenia), SCCA/PRO.BA (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Coproduced by ZDF Arte (Germany), Arte France (France)
    Supported by Film Center Serbia, the Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, CNC – Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, Ministère Français de la Culture et de la Communication - Institut Français – Aides aux Cinémas du Monde, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Slovenian Film Centre, the Sarajevo Film Fund, Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union, Viba Film

    Paradise – A Second Life / Paradise – Una nuova vita / Paradise – novo življenje (Italy, Slovenia) feature
    Directed by Davide del Degan
    Produced by Pilgrim Film (Italy)
    Coproduced by A Atalanta (Slovenia)
    Supported by the Slovenian Film Centre, Viba Film  

    Exemplary Behaviour / Pavyzdingas elgesys / Vzorno vedenje (Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Italy) documentary
    Directed by Audrius Mickevičius, Nerijus Milerius
    Produced by Era Film (Lithuania), AGITPROP (Bulgaria), Casablanca Film Production (Slovenia)
    Coproduced by Stefilm (Italy), RTV Slovenija (Slovenia)