FNE at Festival of Slovenian Film 2021: Newsreel 80 – Metka, Meki

    Newsreel 80 – Metka, Meki by Nika Autor Newsreel 80 – Metka, Meki by Nika Autor copyright: Obzorniška fronta

    PORTOROŽ: Nika Autor's long documentary Newsreel 80 – Metka, Meki / Filmski obzornik 80 – Metka, Meki will be screened in the competition of the 24th Festival of Slovenian Film in Portorož (12 - 17 October 2021). Through nine culinary chapters the film portraits Metka, who left for Germany as a temporary worker in 1968.

    The camera accompanies her in various everyday situations in her kitchen, and depicts a particular tale through her storytelling. Her life as a Gastarbeiter has had such a distinct effect, that she understands the situation of the migrants of today with generosity and hospitality. In the spirit of solidarity and mutual respect, the film records the experience of coexistence of different travellers.

    “In the process of making Newsreel, Metka restored my faith in humans time and time again, with every visit. She restored my hope after I’d started losing it in the face of all the inhumanity I’ve documented with my camera in the last three years on the EU borders, where refugees go through unimaginable suffering. Metka showed me again and again that solidarity and hospitality are the simplest of gestures, and that ‘together’, ‘common’ and ‘community’ are possible, here and now”, says director Nika Autor.

    The film was produced by Newsreel Front / Obzorniška fronta with support from the Municipality of Maribor (5,000 EUR), the Society for European Consciousness  / Društvo za evropsko zavest (2,000 EUR) and the City of Women / Mesto žensk (1,000 EUR).

    The shooting took place in Germany in 2020.

    Newsreel Front / Obzorniška fronta is handling the sales.

    Born in 1982, Nika Autor undertook BA and MA studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and obtained her PhD-in-Practice at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her practice is primarily based on experimental videos and documentary films, film essays, photography, drawings and spatial video installations. Her works examine asylum and migration policies, workers’ rights and politics of memory. She is part of the group of artists Newsreel Front / Obzorniška fronta.

    Production Information:

    Director: Nika Autor, copyright by Obzorniška frontaProducer:
    Obzorniška fronta / Newsreel Front (Slovenia)
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    Director: Nika Autor
    Composer: Matevž Kolenc
    Cast: Metka Autor, Soghra Jafari, Morteza Jafari, Kosar Jafari