Slovenia Prepares New Strategy for Developing Audiovisual Industry


    LJUBLJANA: At the initiative of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Robert Golob, the Slovenian Federation of Filmmakers’ Guilds (ZDSFU) is preparing a new strategic plan for the development of the Slovenian audiovisual industry until 2030, aiming to boost its potential. The summaries and guidelines of the document were already forwarded to the Cabinet of the Prime Minister by the ZDSFU a few days ago and a round table is scheduled for the second half of March 2023.

    The main vision of the strategic plan is for the audiovisual industry in Slovenia to become the driving force of Slovenian culture and an important pillar of the Slovenian economy by 2030.

    The document was presented to the secretary for Culture, Kaja Širok, while a special team has been appointed to revise the legislation. Its members are: Nataša Bučar (director of the Slovenian Film Centre), Jožko Rutar (producer), Klemen Dvornik (director, screenwriter), Petra Vidmar (producer), Matija Šturm (producer), Nina Ukmar (head of the cabinet of the Ministry of Culture), Irena Ostrouška (secretary of Media Directorate of the Ministry of Culture) and Blaž Mazi (acting general director of Media Directorate of the Ministry of Culture).

    The creative potential of the AV industry in Slovenia is proved by the large number of AV works (films and commercial content) created annually, as well as by the resounding achievements at important international film festivals.The positive effects of the AV industry on the Slovenian economy are also demonstrated by the successful foreign and domestic AV projects which have significant financial impact on a national and local level.

    Last but not least, 2022 was extremely successful for Slovenian cinema and saw a record in terms of admissions (18% share) and international success.

    The revenues of the AV industry in Slovenia in 2021 amounted to 196 m EUR, generating 24 m EUR in profit.

    Established in 2017, ZDSFU includes seven professional associations: the Directors Guild of Slovenia, the Slovene Association of Cinematographers, the Slovenian Animated Film Association, the Association of Slovenian Film Producers, the Association of Audiovisual Producers of Slovenia, the Association of Postproduction Artists and the Screen Actors Guild of Slovenia. The Federation is the legal successor of the Slovenian Filmmakers Association, which was founded in 1950.