Turkish Pink Panther parody goes into post-production

By Kerem Akca

    The Turkish comedy Pak Panther, a parody of the Pink Panther films, completed filming on August 26.

    {mosimage}Pak Panther is a co-production of Fida Film (www.fidafilm.com) and Arzu Film (www.arzufilm.com) which produced the classic Turkish comedy Hababam Sinifi. The budget is 2.4 million dollars. The parody is the story of a police team called PAK PANTER which is working internationally. The agents of this team are played by popular comedy actors Ufuk Ozkan and Metin Zakoglu.

    The shooting took place in Istanbul, Edirne and Azerbaijan between July 19 and August 26. In the shooting of the film, 1000 stuntmen were used, and a special effects car scene was shot for the first time in Turkey.

    The main actors of the film other than Ozkan and Zakoglu are Safak Sezer (a comedy actor who typically draws audiences of around 500,000 to his films), Mehmet Ali Erbil (veteran comedy actor and TV programmer), Sumer Tilmac, Doga Rutkay and Erdal Tosun. The film is directed by Murat Aslan and produced by Ferdi Egilmez.

    The film is planned to be released in Turkey at November 12. The distributor company is UIP (www.uip.com.tr) which has a significant share of American films on the Turkish market.

    {mosimage}Production contact:

    Fida Film

    Levent Mah. Sakayikli Sok.

    No:15 34330

    3. Levent/İstanbul

    tel: +90 (212) 325 90 10

    fax: +90 (212) 325 90 17

    Arzu Film

    {mosimage}5. Gazeteciler Sitesi, Akasya Sokak

    A/4 Blok No:1,


    Tel: +90 212 270 76 02-03

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Producer: Ferdi Egilmez

    Director: Murat Aslan

    Cinematographer: Eyup Boz

    Composer: Iskender Paydas