TALLINN: Estonian comedy/drama Free Money by Rain Rannu is currently shooting in the United States and Estonia. This Estonian production will be one of the first films ever to incorporate real non-fungible tokens (NFT-s) directly into the screening experience.

TALLINN: The TV drama series Estonia, a coproduction between Finland, Estonia, Belgium and Sweden, is currently shooting in Belgium. Estonia tells the tragic events of 28 September 1994, when the MS Estonia ferry sank on the Baltic Sea, taking 852 lives. The series is budgeted at 13 m EUR and planned to be broadcast as eight 45-minute episodes or four 90-minute episodes.

TALLINN: The Estonian Film Institute has allocated 855,000 EUR for the production of two feature films and 124,500 EUR for the production or development of four TV series.

TALLINN: Estonian Film Institute distributed 521,500 EUR among five animated films in production and four animated projects in development. The decision was made public on 26 April 2022.

TALLINN: The historical crime thriller Melchior the Apothecary by Elmo Nüganen, a coproduction between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany, tops the Estonian box office with 57,456 admissions. It is the only domestic film that has crossed the 50,000-admission mark in the past two years of the Coronavirus pandemic.

TALLINN: The Estonian Film Institute has distributed 497,000 EUR worth of documentary grants, of which 430,000 EUR was given for the production of six films.

TALLINN: Estonian Film Industry Cluster has appealed to the Estonian Government to increase the funds given to the Film Estonia cash rebate programme, as the interest in shooting in Estonia has increased. The Cluster also suggests that the 2 m EUR annual limit should be removed.

TALLINN: The Danish/Norwegian/Estonian coproduction Birthday Girl, directed by Danish Michael Noer and starring Trine Dyrholm, is currently shooting in Tallinn. The film, which will be shot entirely in Estonia, is supported by the Film Estonia cash rebate programme.

TALLINN: The COVID-19 pandemic continued to shape the local film landscape in 2021. Both the ticket revenue and attendance hit a new low for the past 10 years, partly due to a 2.5-month period in the spring when all the cinemas were in lockdown from 8 March to 25 May.

TALLINN: The Estonian Film Institute (EFI) has distributed over 1.5 million EUR in the first financing rounds of 2022. Two feature films, Lioness by Liina Trishkina-Vanhatalo and Dog by Rasmus Merivoo, received grants in the total amount of 1.16 million EUR, which will be divided between 2022 and 2023.

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