Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Proposes Film Industry Measures


    SARAJEVO: The Association of Filmmakers of Bosnia and Herzegovina sent a letter on 8 April 2020 to all the levels of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina asking for support for the industry and film professionals.

    The letter proposed 13 measures on three different levels: the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Government of Kanton Sarajevo. It was co-signed by the Sarajevo Film Festival, the Academy of Performing Arts, Film Center Sarajevo, the Association of Directors of BiH, the Association of Cinematographers of BiH, the Neum Animated Film Festival, the Mediteran Film Festival Široki Brijeg and domestic film production companies.

    The proposed measures include both the protection of existing film and cultural programmes and new initiatives that should help the industry battle the crisis. The main focus on the federal level is on continued Calls for Entries for film and culture in general with special regulations for the Film Fund’s Call in 2020. On the national level, the emphasis is on securing funds for international programmes with the accent on Creative Europe 2021-28 and the functioning of Creative and Media Desks in the country. Furthermore, the proposed measures emphasise the inclusion of film and television on the list of endangered economic sectors, so that the companies and associations in this sector could benefit from the mitigation measures, establishing a Crisis Fund that will help firms, and associations, freelancers and self-employed professionals, as well as securing help for cinemas and distributors.

    More than 8 million KM, mostly foreign investment, was spent on film and TV production in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019 and record Box Office was recorded in the same year. Through direct and indirect costs, the Sarajevo Film Festival brings yearly revenues of 51.6 million KM to Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, returning 2.11 KM for every 1 KM of public funds invested in it. Without government support, the film and TV industry fear losses might prove much higher than expected.