FNE Oscar Watch: Bosnia and Herzegovina Selects A Ballad as Oscar Candidate

    A Ballade by Aida Begić shooting A Ballade by Aida Begić shooting

    SARAJEVO: A Ballade directed by Aida Begić has been selected as Bosnia and Herzegovina’s candidate for the 95th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award in the Best International Feature Film category. The film is a Bosnian/French coproduction.

    A Ballade follows 30-year-old unambitious Meri, a housewife and a mother of an 8-year-old girl Mila, whose 14 years older husband Hasan throws her out of their home in a fit of jealous rage. After returning to her parents’ home without her daughter, whom Hasan decided to keep, Meri realises she is trapped in a wicked circle of provincial laws and rules, and her family’s needs and ambitions. Trying to find herself, Meri auditions for a film that is to be shot in the neighbourhood.

    A Ballade is my first film about love, a film that has nothing to do with war, social problems or similar themes”, Aida Begić told FNE.

    The film was produced by Adis Đapo, Aida Begić and Erol Zubčević through Film House in coproduction with their regular French coproducer Francois d’Artemare of Les Films de l'Après Midi.

    A Ballade ran in the Feature Film Competition programme of the 2022 Sarajevo Film Festival.

    Aida Begić won the Semaine de la Critique Grand Prix for her debut feature film Snow (Mamafilm, 2008) and the Un Certain Regard Special Distinction Award for her sophomore feature Children of Sarajevo (Film House, 2012).