PRODUCTION: Kiran Kolarov Preps Melodrama

    Kiran Kolarov Kiran Kolarov Credit: Sofia IFF

    SOFIA: Bulgarian writer/director Kiran Kolarov will start the shooting of his twelfth feature film Melodrama on 6 August 2016.

    The script written by Kiran Kolarov follows the deep spiritual relationship between a 17-year-old autistic Andy and an illiterate half-gypsy Dinko. Andy lives in the heart of the capital, but she never leaves the pavement in front of her house. Dinko dwells in an abandoned cinema, collects old paper and plays the kaval. The starting romance between the strange urban outsiders is challenged by Bingoto, a dealer of luxury cars and women. 

    “It is a film about a girl who doesn’t speak and a boy who doesn’t read. However, they manage to communicate and get deeply bound in an extraordinary spiritual duo. Heavy life experiences make them discover the meaning of sacrifice. For me, it’s a very intimate film,” Kolarov told FNE. 

    He is producing through his company Kolar. The National Film Center supported the project with a grant of nearly 500,000 EUR.

    The film stars the beloved Bulgarian actor Ovanes Torosyan as Dinko, the newcomer Katrin Stareishinska as Andy and the popular actor Deyan Donkov as Bingoto. The cast includes Kiran Kolarov’s Paris-based daughter Fani Kolarova and Mihail Mutafov from the Varna Drama Theatre.

    Shooting will last for six weeks and will take place mostly inside and around an old house in Sofia. Shooting will also be done in some of the most picturesque underground surroundings of the Bulgarian capital.

    Production Information:

    31, Evlogui i Hristo Georguievi Blvd
    1142 Sofia
    Phone: +359 888 215 519
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Kiran Kolarov
    Scriptwriter: Kiran Kolarov
    DoP: Veselin Hristov
    Production Designers: Petar Goranov, Georgi Todorov - Josi
    Composer: Kiril Donchev 

    Cast: Ovanes Torosyan, Katrin Stareishinska, Deyan Donkov, Fani Kolarova, Mihail Mutafov