PRODUCTION: Lyubomir Mladenov in Postproduction With Ship In A Room

    Ship In A Room by Lyubomir Mladenov Ship In A Room by Lyubomir Mladenov

    SOFIA: Bulgarian film director Lyubomir Mladenov is completing postproduction of his second feature film Ship in a Room. It is another title from the group of successful films shot mainly by younger film directors after the Bulgarian National Film Center introduced its low-budget format in 2014.

    The script penned by Mladenov revolves around the unusual experience of Phillip, a photographer whose inspiration had left him, and Ivan, who stopped going out after being beaten. Phillip starts filming the outside world in order to comfort Ivan and to regain his creative force. Ivan’s sister Pavla is also a part of the strange relationship between the two men in need. 

    Actors Tsvetan Alexiev and Elena Dimitrova, together with the writer Ivan Dimitrov, play the main characters.  

    “I am of that kind of people who love utopias. I usually start from something real happening in our days, and then I turn it into an absolute fiction. The story of Ship in a Room could be faithful to life or it could be not. For me it is always interesting to imagine what normal people would do if something similar happened to them. I am convinced that almost everyone is longing for some more fiction in real life”, Mladenov told FNE.

    Front Film, the company funded by film directors Svetla Tsotsorkova and Nadejda Koseva, is producing. The Bulgarian National Film Center supported the project with 200,000 EUR.

    Shooting took place mostly in and around Sofia from the end of August to the beginning of September 2015. A spectacularly abandoned former office building in the small town of Bozhurishte was arranged as Phillip’s place. “I wanted that the video pieces Phillip shows to Ivan look like ‘found on the street’, so the DoP Dian Zagorchinov shot them the way Dziga Vertov would make it”, Mladenov also said.

    Production Information:

    Front Film
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    Director: Lyubomir Mladenov
    Scriptwriter: Lyubomir Mladenov
    DoP: Dian Zagorchinov
    Cast: Tsvetan Alexiev, Elena Dimitrova, Ivan Dimitrov