PRODUCTION: Jasna Nanut Shoots Debut Feature Seventh Heaven in Zagreb

    Director Jasna Nanut Director Jasna Nanut credit: 15art

    ZAGREB: The debut feature Seventh Heaven / Sedmo nebo directed by Jasna Nanut and produced by Hrvoje Osvadić through Petnaesta umjetnost is currently shooting in Croatia.

    The film explores the funny side of a midlife crisis. At the heart of the story is a man torn between his wife, mistress, children, weight, work, a dog and high blood pressure, and who becomes increasingly entangled in a web of his own high expectations.

    Jasna Nanut and Hrvoje Osvaldić penned the script, and the main roles are played by Krešimir Mikić, Iva Jerković and Iva Mihalić.

    Formerly a TV journalist, Jasna Nanut filmed six award-winning short films before filming her first feature project. Since the start of development in 2016, the screenplay passed the MEDIA Creative Europe - Project Development Workshop, Branko Bauer screenwriting competition of the Croatian Film Directors' Guild and My First Screenplay Workshop at the Zagreb Film Festival.

    The film was co-financed by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre at all stages of preparation, including 4,600 EUR / 35,000 HRK for script development, 16,000 EUR / 120,000 HRK for project development and 360,000 EUR / 2.7 m HRK for production. It also received additional support from the Croatian Radiotelevision. Isa Živanović is the executive producer.

    The filming is expected to end in mid-November 2021 and the premiere is scheduled for the autumn of 2022.

    Production Information:

    Petnaesta umjetnost (Croatia)

    Director: Jasna Nanut
    Scriptwriters: Jasna Nanut, Hrvoje Osvaldić
    DoP: Tomislav Sutlar
    Editor: Tomislav Stojanović
    Cast: Krešimir Mikić, Iva Jerković, Iva Mihalić, Nikša Butijer, Dejan Aćimović, Jerko Marčić, Petar Ćiritović, Iva Visković Križan, Mia Anočić, Hrvoje Klobučar, Janko Rakoš, Mario Petreković, Nataša Kopeč, Dean Krivačić, Robert Ugrina, Dado Ćosić, Urša Raukar, Ivana Krizmanić, Igor Mešin, Ivana Gulin, Lukrecija Tudor, Janko Popović Volarić, Lucija Barišić