PRODUCTION: Croatian Screenwriter and Director Arsen Oremović Films The Head of a Big Fish

    Arsen Oremovic Arsen Oremovic credit: IZAZOV 365

    ZAGREB: The shooting of the debut feature film The Head of a Big Fish by screenwriter and director Arsen Oremović, produced by Maja Vukić and her company Izazov 365, started on 19 November 2021 in the Dubrovčak Desni municipality in Croatia. The crew has now moved to Zagreb, where the filming will last until 15 December.

    In the story with three main characters, war veteran Traktor comes from a village to live in Zagreb at the invitation of his brother Andrija, who plans to use the money from the sale of his parents' house to repay his debts and start a new business. Traktor will live with him and his wife Vesna until he gets settled. Things start to get even more complicated, painting a picture of today's Croatia crucified between war and peace, idealism and consumerism, manipulation of various kinds, real life and life according to the media.

    Based on the motifs of Ognjen Sviličić's book of the same name, the screenwriting was mentored by Romanian screenwriter Răzvan Rădulescu, in the framework of the Split Script programme organised by the NGO Metonimija in February 2021. Arsen Oremović is known as a film critic and for his documentary work.

    The Croatian Audiovisual Centre allocated 425,500 EUR / 3.2m HRK for the production of the film, and additional funding was secured from Croatian Radiotelevision. The premiere is expected by the end of 2022.

    Production information:

    Maja Vukić
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    Production company:
    Izazov 365 (Croatia)

    Directed by: Arsen Oremović
    Scriptwriter: Arsen Oremović
    Based on the story by: Ognjen Sviličić
    DoP: Marinko Marinkić
    Cast: Neven Aljinović Tot, Nikša Butijer, Lana Barić, Vinko Kraljević, Lana Meniga, Ivica Pucar, Sven Šestak, Nenad Cvetko, Marica Vidušić, Anezi