BBC Buys Broadcasting Rights for Croatia’s Pavilion 6

    Pavilion 6 by Goran Dević Pavilion 6 by Goran Dević credit: 15art

    ZAGREB: The BBC purchased broadcasting rights for Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the long documentary Pavilion 6 directed by Goran Dević and produced by Croatia’s Fifteenth Art. This is the first Croatian film purchased by the UK’s national broadcaster, according to the producer Hrvoje Osvaldić.

    Shot at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pavilion 6 is an observational documentary following everyday events at a vaccination site established in Zagreb.

    BBC Storyville editor Lucie Kon described the documentary as “a rare example of a film from Eastern Europe that met the BBC's content standards and that, although it deals with a serious subject with a strong author's signature, also communicates very well with a wider audience”.

    The production of Pavilion 6 was supported with 44.000 EUR by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre in 2022.

    The film won the pitching award of the Al Jazeera Balkans Award at the Docu Rough Cut Boutique organised by the Balkan Documentary Center and CineLink Sarajevo in 2023, as well as the DOK Leipzig Preview Award.

    Pavilion 6 / Paviljon 6 will be broadcast in the UK in 2024.