FNE Coproducing With France Event Hailed as Resounding Success


    KARLOVY VARY: The Film New Europe Association’s How to Coproduce With France event has been hailed by CEE producers and distributors as one of the most useful events they have attended in Karlovy Vary this year. 

    Organised by the Prague based FNE Association and moderated by Association general manager Marketa Hodouskova the event invited Mélanie Chebance, Head of Producer’s liaison, Film France to Karlovy Vary to explain to film professionals how the French fund Cinéma du Monde and French financial incentives work and how to work successfully with France and French funds. 

    One of the leading French coproducers of film projects in central and eastern Europe, Guillaume de Seille (Arizona Productions) also added important information to the discussion with concrete examples of how he has worked with the French funds on his projects. Nana Janelidze head of the Georgian National Film Centre (GNFC) and FNE Association board member also explained Georgian participation in international coproductions.

    The event attracted more than 30 film professionals including Lubomir Konecny, head of coproduction and development at Barrandov Studios , Elena Kotova the Eurimages representative for the Czech Republic and Czech producer Vaclav Marhoul.

    The event was praised by Czech producer Milos Lochman of Moloko Films who said, “I wanted to especially thank the organizers because even though I have made French Czech coproductions myself I never fully understood how it worked in detail until Melanie’s clear and pragmatic explanation today.”

    Czech producer Andrea Shaffer of Mindset Pictures said: “As a producer this was really one of the most targeted and useful event I attended in Karlovy Vary.”

    Coproducing with France is part of a series of events organised by FNE Association aimed increasing audiences and the international visibility of films from the region by sharing successful models for projects that cross borders.  The FNE Association is made up of the heads of 15 film institutions and producers’ associations in central and eastern Europe and is the leading platform for the executive level discussion of policy issues in the audiovisual industry and the exchange of information in the region.

    The next event titled “Central and Eastern Producers Meet the Austrian Producers” will be organised in Vienna in October within the framework of the LET’s CEE Film Festival together with the Austrian Film Institute .

    Programme line-up of FNE Coproducing with France Event included:

    Presentation of the FNE Association and its goals and objectives by Marketa Hodouskova, general manager of the association.

    Presentation of the French fund ‘Cinéma du Monde’ and ‘French financial incentives’ by Mélanie Chebance, Head of Producer’s liaison, Film France.

    Presentation of The Magic Mountain (RO/FR)  (Aparte Films) RO, Guillaume de Seille (Arizona Productions) FR and Joanna Ronikier and Wlodek Matuszewski Filmograf PL

    Presentation of Corn Island (GE/FR/DE/CZ/KZ/HU) by Guillaume de Seille (Arizona Productions FR), Elke Goreczka (42 Film GmBH) DE

    Presentation of The Way Out (CZ/FR) Jan Macola (Mimesis Films) CZ  and Milos Lochman (Mokolo Films)