BOX OFFICE: Domestic Comedy Střídavka Tops Czech BO After Opening Weekend

    Střídavka by Petr Nikolaev Střídavka by Petr Nikolaev credit: Luminar Film

    PRAGUE: The Czech adult family comedy Střídavka by Petr Nikolaev, which premiered on 4 August 2022, is ranking first after the opening weekend in the Czech Republic, with 28,498 admissions, ahead of the Hollywood action film Bullet Train.

    The film written by Lucie Konečná tells the story of several families in which, after a series of divorces and changes of partners, the parents regularly swap their children.

    The main cast is composed of popular Czech actors Jitka Čvančarová, Martin Hofmann, Anna Polívková, Halka Jeřábek Třešňáková, and long sought after actress Eva Holubová.

    The comedy produced by Zlín-based Luminar Film and distributed by Bontonfilm is being shown in 189 cinemas in the Czech Republic and cashed in 183,624 EUR / 4,479,527 CZK during the first weekend, according to Kinobox.

    That makes it the third most successful film in cinemas among the films directed by Petr Nikolaev, although none of them made it into the first 50 of most watched films in the Czech Republic.

    The second Czech film in top ten from 1 to 7 August 2022 is the comedy Quarrels / Hádkovi directed by Vojtěch Moravec, produced by V7M, Bontonfilm Studios and Love.FRAME, and distributed by Bontonfilm, which opened on 14 July 2022 with 11,042 admissions and 73,095 EUR / 1,783,163 CZK gross in the first weekend, and managed to arrive 9th in the Czech Republic.

    Střídavka will be released online on an yet unspecified VOD platform on 1 November 2022.