FESTIVALS: Kutaisi ISFF 2020 Announces Lineup


KUTAISI: Fifteen films have been selected for the main competition of the inaugural edition of the Kutaisi International Short Film Festival, which will take place from 3 to 7 November 2020. The partners of the festival are the Georgian National Film Center and the Kutaisi Municipality.

Another twenty-six titles have been selected for the International Super Shorts Competition. Nine Georgian films are competing at the festival.Kutailis ISFF

The jury will award two prizes in the main international competition (with films from 10 to 30 minutes), the Golden Dinosaur for best film and best director, as well as the Dinosaur’s Footprint award in the second international competition (with films from 1 to 5 minutes).

"We received about five hundred films for the two competitions. The selection turned out to be difficult because in general the cinema is in a state of crisis; however, I think there are some excellent films in the main competition and that gives us hope. We are thrilled that the very first festival aroused great interest and we received films from almost every country in the world. We hope that the Covid-19 situation will not deteriorate sharply in Georgia and we will be capable to hold the festival in accordance with the regulations", Nino Mkheidze, General Director of the festival, told FNE.


12 K. Marx Street (Georgia)
Directed by Irine Jordania
Supported by the GNFC

Before We Leave (Georgia)
Directed by Elena Tsagareishvili
Produced by Manana Taralashvili

All That's Left (Belgium)
Directed by Salvaire Hugo

O Mà! (France)
Directed by Vincent Launay-Franceschini

Goodbye My Son (Japan)
Directed by  Yuichiro Nakada

Motherland (Bulgaria, France)
Directed by Kristina Spassovska
Produced by Bellevue Kino

The Menu for Tomorrow (Japan)
Directed by Woody - Kazuhiro Kiuchi

Sycamore (Turkey)
Directed by Mehmet Tığlı

Personae (France)
Directed by Rémy Rondeau

Havens (Italy)
Directed by Elena Griggio

Señor (UK)
Directed by Masha Clark

The She-Wolf (France)
Directed by Svetlana Trébulle

Keep It Quiet (USA)
Directed by Yaya Simakova

Fishing (Georgia, France)
Directed by Tornike Bziava
Produced by ReactorMonkey LTD
Supported by the GNFC

Bad Daughter (Russia)
Directed by Svetlana Sigalaeva


Grater (Switzerland)
Directed by Vital Z'Brun

Lament (Australia)
Directed by Kimberley Wells

In a Shell (Georgia)
Directed by Levan Gelashvili
Produced by Levan Gelashvili

Time (Georgia)
Directed by Giorgi Janjghava
Produced by Mariam Kerdikoshvili

Through the Spotting Scope (Georgia)
Directed by Tuta Iovadze, Nicole Belskaya, Ana Gabunia

Home Alone 2020 (Georgia)
Directed by Valeri Pipia

Mountain (Iran)
Directed by Teymour Ghaderi

The Note (Iran)
Directed by Siavash Eydani

Balance (Singapore)
Directed by Raymond Limantara Sutisna

Fire Extinguisher (Spain)
Directed by Rodrigo Sopeña, Joana Solnado

Hikikovid (Italy)
Directed by Alessio Aiello

Emi (France)
Directed by Arnaud Prochasson

Noorah (Pakistan)
Directed by Momina Tariq

The Masterpiece (USA)
Directed by Christopher Satola

All the Time in the World (Italy)
Directed by Riccardo Menicatti, Bruno Ugioli

Co-exist (Iran)
Directed by Komeil Soheili

Andrei (Australia)
Directed by Natasha Cantwell

Maids (Argentina)
Directed by Sofia Castro

Studenturium (Georgia)
Directed by Luka Padiurashvili
Produced by Luka Padiurashvili

Irony (Australia)
Directed by Radheya Jegatheva

Ascension (France)
Directed by Anaïs Honvault Zborowski, Bob Fokoua

Tremor (India)
Directed by Ramesh Laxmandrao Holbole

Epilogue (Poland)
Directed by Arkadiusz Bartosiak
Produced by Boria Films

Freedom (Spain)
Directed by Marcos Sastre

Deja Vu (Georgia)
Directed by Giorgi Kartvelishvili
Produced by Mariam Gabrichidze

Quaratine Divorce Court (USA)
Directed by John William Siscel IV