PRODUCTION: Hungarian Debut Wraps Shooting

    Natasa Stork in Ice Cream Could Be Dangerous by Fanni Szilágyi Natasa Stork in Ice Cream Could Be Dangerous by Fanni Szilágyi photo: Janka Pozsonyi

    BUDAPEST: Fanni Szilagyi completed the production of her first feature film at the end of October. Ice Cream Could Be Dangerous / Veszélyes lehet a fagyi is a magic realist drama about a pair of identical twins. Éva and Adél have become estranged from each other, but the unexpected appearance of a man jolts them out of their routine behaviour.

    Both of the twins are played by the award-winning theatre actress Natasa Stork. The dual role was a big challenge for the actress and the crew. „She actually plays four women in the film. Besides Éva and Adél, she also plays how they see each other,” Szilágyi told FNE.

    Szilagyi's short film called End of Puberty screened in the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and received the main prize in the Friss Hús International Short Film Festival. The cast of Ice Cream Could be Dangerous includes Márton Patkós, Máté Szabó and Magdi Bódi. The DOP is Gábor Szilágyi, and the script was written by Zsófi Lányi.

    The film was granted 67 million HUF / 190,000 EUR by the Incubator Programme of the National Film Institute - Hungary (NFI), which helps directors make their first feature film. It was shot in Budapest in two stages, 16 days in summer and eight more days in autumn.

    The film is produced by Ági Pataki and Edina Kenesei for Filmpartners. Ice Cream Could Be Dangerous is set for release in 2021.

    Production Information:

    Fanni Szilágyi on the set of Ice Cream Could Be Dangerous, photo: Janka PozsonyiProducers: Ági Pataki, and Edina Kenesei
    Filmpartners (Hungary)
    Supported by the National Film Institute - Hungary

    Director: Fanni Szilágyi
    Scriptwriter: Zsófia Lányi
    DoP: Gábor Szilágyi
    Editor: Zsófia Ördög
    Cast: Natasa Stork, Márton Patkós, Máté Szabó, Magdi Bódi