Twentyfour Seven and Radioaktive Open Office in Vilnius

    Vilnius Location Vilnius Location source: www.twentyfour-seven.tv

    VILNIUS: Production service partners Twentyfour Seven and Radioaktive Film expand into Lithuania, where they plan to work on commercials and feature films.

    Twentyfour Seven (with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon) and Kyiv-based Radioaktive Film (offering a complete range of services in Ukraine, Poland and Georgia) will open a new office in Vilnius in the upcoming months.

    This is their second joint venture after the one they opened in Warsaw in 2019.

    The Vilnius office of 24/7 x Radioaktive will be run primarily by the Radioaktive team including founder Darko Skulsky, executive producer Kate Galytska and producer Justina Ragauskaite.