PRODUCTION: Alexander Belinski and Agnė Dovydaitytė Shoot Lithuanian/German/Norwegian Doc Baltic UXO

    Baltic UXO by Alexander Belinski and Agnė Dovydaitytė Baltic UXO by Alexander Belinski and Agnė Dovydaitytė credit: Alexander Belinski

    VILNIUS: The Lithuanian directors Alexander Belinski and Agnė Dovydaitytė are currently in production with their documentary Baltic UXO. This Lithuanian/German/Norwegian coproduction is supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre.

    The film is a brooding and meditative cinematic journey about the effects that the dumping of 1.6 million tons of unexploded military munition (UXO) into the Baltic and Northern Seas after WW2 has on nature and people around the Baltic.

    “The feeling we hope to convey to the viewer can be described by a simple life situation that many people have experienced: you are swimming in unfamiliar waters or maybe just a dark pond, and you have this uncomfortable feeling as if someone is about to grab your leg. It's so real that you might even start to feel something physically. This feeling of tension is born out of the innate fear of the unknown, primal instinct and one's imagination filling the gaps of the uncharted”, directors Agne Dovydaite and Alexander Belinski told FNE

    Baltic UXO is produced by Lithuanian Just a Moment in coproduction with Fünferfilm (Germany) and Staer (Norway). Dagne Vildziunaite and Karsten Krause are the producers.

    The project received financial support of 112,790 EUR from the Lithuanian Film Centre (development and production support in 2022-2023), 35,000 EUR from Tax Incentive Lithuania and 50,000 EUR from MOIN Film Fund Hamburg.

    The total budget is 320,000 EUR.

    The producers are waiting for answers from Norwegian funds and several European broadcasters while actively searching for sales and distribution partners.

    The shooting started in June 2023 and will continue until the autumn of 2024. The goal is to complete the film in the first half of 2025, depending on the editing process.

    Baltic UXO has been selected for the Berlinale Talents Doc Station, Ex-Oriente Film, and DOK Leipzig.

    Production Information:

    Baltic UXO by Alexander Belinski and Agnė Dovydaitytė, credit: Agne DovydaityteProducer:
    Just a Moment (Lithuania)
    Dagne Vildziunaite: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Fünferfilm (Germany)
    Staer (Norway)

    Directors: Alexander Belinski, Agnė Dovydaitytė
    Screenwriters: Agne Dovydaityte, Alexander Belinski
    DoP: Alexander Belinski
    Sound designer: Julius Grigelionis