OBITUARY: Macedonian Actor Mitko S. Apostolovski

    The Third Half by Darko Mitrevski The Third Half by Darko Mitrevski credit: Kino Oko

    SKOPJE: The revered Macedonian theatre and film actor Mitko S. Apostolovski died at age 67. He was a doyen of Macedonian acting and a longtime member of the National Theatre Bitola.

    He starred in over 30 films and TV series, including The Great Water by Ivo Trajkov (2005, Artis 3 in coproduction with LARA Entertainment, Kaval Film, Castor Productions, World Circle Foundation), The Third Half by Darko Mitrevski (2012, Kino Oko in coproduction with I/O Post, FX3X), To the Hilt by Stole Popov (2014, Triangl Film in coproduction with Sektor Film, FX3X), The Witness by Mitko Panov (2018, Tipi'mages Productions in coproduction with Pirej Film, Samson Films, MP Filmska Produkcija, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse and Téléclub).

    Mitko S. Apostolovski was born in Bitola on 7 March 1955. He graduated from the Department of Drama acting at the College of Music in Skopje.

    During his acting career, he worked for 15 years at the National Theatre Kumanovo before moving to Bitola in 1995. In the theatre he had worked with the most important Macedonian stage directors.