Milcho Manchevski’s Kaymak Picked Up by LevelK

    Kaymak by Milcho Manchevski Kaymak by Milcho Manchevski credit: LevelK

    SKOPJE: The Academy Award-nominated Macedonian film director Milcho Manchevski’s seventh feature film Kaymak has been picked-up by LevelK ahead of its world premiere in the competition of the Tokyo Film Festival (24 October - 2 November 2022).

    The Macedonian/Danish/Dutch/Croatian coproduction is an irreverent, unconventional and poignant love story, or rather, two love stories.The quiet rebellion of ordinary women and men against roles imposed on them by society makes them heroes of a story where everybody is both a victim and a perpetrator. Underneath its lighthearted exploration of the eternal search for love and happiness, Kaymak tackles more complex social issues such as human trafficking, surrogacy, infidelity and sexual liberation.

    “I'm trying to make 'glocal' films, both global and local at the same time, and luckily it's been working out for me so far. Kaymak is a black comedy, a shameless tragedy that takes place in today's Skopje, and that could happen anywhere. We had an amazing team. The actors were more than world-class. The film's motto is ‘It takes three to tango’”, said Manchevski at a press conference in Skopje.

    Credits to Sloboden Pechat, photographer Dragan MitreskiKaymak (meaning buttercream) was produced by Jane Kjortoshev through Banana Film, and coproduced by Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen and Mette Børchthrough Meta Film (Denmark), Els Vandevorst and Isabella Depeweg through N279 Entertainment (the Netherlands), Siniša Juričić through Nukleus film (Croatia) and the Macedonian Radio Television. The executive producer is Ian Pryor of UK’s Scala Productions.

    Manchevski penned the script and Ulrik Boel Benzen lensed the film. The cast includes Sara Klimoska, Kamka Tocinovski, Aleksandar Mikic, Simona Spirovska, Ana Stojanovska and Filip Trajkovikj.

    The project was supported by the North Macedonia Film Agency, the Danish Film Institute, the Netherlands Film Fund and the Netherlands Film Production Incentive, Eurimages and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. The main partners of the film are Alkaloid, NLB Bank and Visa, with other partners including Octa, Tikvesh, Vitaminka and Limak.

    The film will premiere in Macedonian cinemas in mid-November 2022, distributed by Banana Film.