FNE Malta Focus 2023: Last Breath Spends Over Half of Budget in Malta


    VALLETTA: British production Last Breath directed by Alex Parkinson and starring Simu Liu, Finn Cole and Woody Harrelson, is spending over half of its 22.8 m EUR budget in Malta, where it is shooting till 17 July 2023. The local company Paul Parker Films Ltd. is handling the filming on the island.

    From the 22,882,824 EUR total budget, 13,371,765 EUR is spent in Malta, according to a press release issued by the Malta Film Commission. The team of 121 professionals includes 91 local and 30 international crew members, and 90% of the film will be shot on the island.

    "Our film industry is creating more jobs every day. The synergy between our local crew and the international actors and production team is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines Malta's film industry", said Malta's film Commissioner Johann Grech during a visit on the set.

    Principal photography started in Malta on 29 May 2023.

    Last Breath tells a true story about an accident in the North Sea at the bottom of an oil rig. The film is a collaboration between company directors Daniel Louis Clifton and Paul Towers Brooks, who are also serving as producers alongside David Towers Brooks.

    Click HERE for the press release.