BOX OFFICE: Over 40 Million Admissions in Polish Cinemas in 2022

    Letters To Santa 5 by Łukasz Jaworowski Letters To Santa 5 by Łukasz Jaworowski credit: TVN

    WARSAW: In 2022, the first full year of activity since the COVID-19 pandemic, Poland saw over 40 million admissions in cinemas. In total, 8.4 million viewers watched Polish films in 2022.

    Cinema attendance in 2022 was much lower compared to the years before the pandemic. In 2017, 56.5 million tickets were sold in cinemas, 59.7 million in 2018, and almost 61 million in 2019.

    Admissions for domestic productions accounted for about 20% of the 2022 results. In the best years of the Polish market, the percentage was as high as 30%.

    Boxoffice.pl reports that in 2022 six films exceeded the 1 m viewer mark in Poland: Minions (2.96 m), Avatar: The Essence of Water (2.3 m ), Top Gun: Maverick (1.74 m), the local production Letters to Santa 5 by Łukasz Jaworowski  (TVN, 1.49 m), Sing 2 (1.46 m), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1.06 m ) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (1.02 m).

    The most popular local production that premiered in 2022 was the 5th instalment of the Polish hit comedy series Letters to Santa (the only Polish title in the overall Top 10), followed by the Polish comedy Kogel Mogel 4 by Anna Wieczur (MTL MAX Film), which ranked 14th with 760,485 admissions. The 20 most popular titles had 11.78 m admissions. 

    The cinema owners in Poland are getting ready for an increase in attendance, with Avatar: The Essence of Water still on top of the box office in 2023 and getting closer to the 3 m admissions mark with 2.7 m admissions till 16 January 2023.