Romanian Media Market Expects Record Year 2022


    BUCHAREST: The total media market in Romania is estimated to reach 640 m EUR by the end of 2022, with a 20 percent growth for digital and six percent growth compared to 2021, according to Romania’s Media Fact Book.

    credit: Media Fact BookIn 2020 the total media market was 476 m EUR and in 2019 it was 480 m EUR.

    In 2021, TV advertisement was 350 m EUR, representing 58% of the total media market. In 2022, it is expected to reach 352 m EUR.

    Digital reached an estimated 186 m EUR at the end of 2021, representing 31% of the total media market.

    During January-May 2022 the Total TV Viewing dropped by 10.2% vs. the same period of 2021, and all top generalist channels had lower ratings: Pro TV dropped marginally -3%, while Antena 1 and Kanal D registered -12% and -47% respectively, according to the report.

    Romanii au talent (Pro TV) remained the most popular local production in 2021 with 35.8 percent share.

    Media Fact Book estimates that in the worst case scenario the TV market in 2022 will be between -2% and +2% in terms of revenue.

    Netflix continues to be the most watched VoD platform in Romania with a gain of 6% YoY (Year-over-Year), for all online population and 14% increase for paid subscriptions.