PRODUCTION: Soňa Gyárfáš Lutherová in Production with Slovak/Czech Transgender Documentary

    Happy Man by Soňa Gyárfáš Lutherová Happy Man by Soňa Gyárfáš Lutherová

    BRATISLAVA: Soňa Gyárfáš Lutherová’s first long documentary Happy Man / Šťastný človek is entering the last stage of production. This Slovak/Czech film, also coproduced by HBO Europe, captures the intimate image of a person in transition.

    Filming began in 2019 and the end of production is scheduled for the spring of 2022. The main part of the filming took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, another shooting place was Malmö, and filming is also planned in Slovak and Czech locations.

    „We are currently in the last third of production and we are planning two more trips to Sweden in June and in the winter of 2021. We managed to shoot in Sweden during every season. This is a time-lapse documentary over a relatively long period, as we monitor the change in a person's gender and its impact on the psyche and family relationships“, producer Vilam Štrelinger from AZYL Production told FNE.

    Happy Man follows the intimate story of a Czech-Slovak family, who emigrated to Sweden ten years ago, had two children and made a new home. Their ordinary life starts to change after the wife finds a new hobby in writing erotic novels for the LGBT community and realises that she doesn´t feel natural as a woman, thus deciding to become a man.

    The film is produced by AZYL Production in coproduction with Company F from the Czech Republic and HBO Europe. The producers have already covered 75% of the 200,000 EUR estimated budget, with support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and HBO Europe, and they are negotiating with several Swedish production companies interested in coproducing.

    Production Information:

    AZYL Production (Slovakia)
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    Company F (Czech Republic)
    HBO Europe

    Director: Soňa Gyárfáš Lutherová
    Screenplay: Soňa Gyárfáš Lutherová
    DoP: Noro Hudec
    Editor: Peter Human
    Music: Matej Gyarfás
    Sound: Michal Stašák
    Cast: Marvin Horváth, Ivan Horváth