Slovakia Reports 57% of Films Were Minority Coproductions in 2021


    BRATISLAVA: In 2021, Slovakia was more focused on collaboration with foreign production companies, in particular with Czech companies, and 57% of all films were minority coproductions, according to a report issued by Creative Europe Desk Slovakia.

    The second year of the pandemic proved to be even more difficult for the Slovak audiovisual sector than 2020. Declines continued in film production and cinema attendance, and also in the number of film festivals and film events that took place.

    Creative Europe Desk Slovakia has been publishing a detailed report on the Slovak audiovisual space since 2004. The new report, written by Miroslav Ulman from the Slovak Film Institute, was made in cooperation with the Slovak Film Institute, and is a comprehensive overview of the Slovak audiovisual landscape, with detailed information regarding legislation, film education, film production, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Literary Fund, etc.

    Click HERE to see the full 2021 report.