FNE at Festival of Slovenian Film Portorož 2022: Wracked Piano

    Wrecked Piano by Miha Vipotnik Wrecked Piano by Miha Vipotnik copyright: Casablanca

    PORTOROŽ: Miha Vipotnik’s long animated documentary Wracked Piano / Pošvedrani klavir was selected for the competition of the 25th Festival of Slovenian Film Portorož (25-30 October 2022).

    Wracked Piano is a tale of cinema and music about an old Bösendorfer225 grand piano Subcontra F, that stands abandoned in a studio of Radio Slovenia. The film’s stories about the piano are based on true facts and written records, complemented by quotes and references to two Slovenian literary works. But the narrative weaving all these together is a product of the filmmakers’ imagination and creative zeal.

    “Inspired by true historical facts and people, the tale combines various levels of the cinematic and animated film language. In both, I used an approach that is a blend of fiction and essay,” says director Miha Vipotnik in a statement.

    Wracked Piano was produced by Igor Pediček through Casablanca in coproduction with RTV Slovenija. The project is supported by the Slovenian Film Centre.

    Miha Vipotnik (1954) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He is a director and screenwriter, who frequently collaborates with the Slovenian national television RTV Slovenija.

    Production Information:

    Casablanca (Slovenia)
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    RTV Slovenija (Slovenia)

    Director Miha Vipotnik, copyright: CasablancaCredits:
    Director: Miha Vipotnik
    Screenwriter: Miha Vipotnik
    DoP: Rado Likon
    Editor: Miha Vipotnik
    Production designer: Mateja Medvedič
    Costume designer: Tanja Birkmajer
    Make-up artist: Anja Godina
    Composers: Gregor Strniša, Bojan Adamič, Vojko Sfiligoj
    Sound designer: Julij Zornik
    Cast: Ciril Horjak, Janez Škof, Saša Pavček, Gregor Strniša, Lukas-Luderer Manfred, Anja Drnovšek, Igor Štamulak, Matija Miličinski