GRANTS: Film Fund Sarajevo Doubles Production Funds


    SARAJEVO: Film Fund Sarajevo will allot 1,155,519 EUR / 2.26 m KM in 2022, which is a 100% increase compared to the 594,066 EUR / 1,161,893 KM allocated in 2021.

    Filmmakers were lobbying for an increase of production funds for years and although the increase was promised, because of the COVID -19 pandemic even existing funds were put in danger in 2021. Eventually, on 10 June 2022 the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina approved the budget of the fund for 2022 with increased funds.

    On 17 June 2022, Film Fund Sarajevo opened calls for support of the production of long and short films, including fiction and documentary films, as well support for minority coproductions.

    Aside from the call for production grants, calls for projects regarding archiving and preservation of films, as well promotion, have been opened. This year additional 255,646 EUR / 500,000 KM will be allocated for the digitalisation of cinemas in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.