CineLink Work in Progress 2022 Announces Selected Projects

    CineLink Work in Progress 2022 Announces Selected Projects credit: CineLink Industry Days

    SARAJEVO: Ten feature films and two long documentaries including projects from Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Montenegro, Croatia, Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be showcased at the CineLink Work in Progress, during the Sarajevo Film Festival (12 – 19 August 2022).

    The projects will compete for the Post Republic Award (40,000 EUR in kind) and the Turkish National Radio Television Award (25,000 EUR in cash).

    Work in Progress Selected Projects:

    Backstage (Morocco, Tunisia, Qatar, Belgium, France)
    Directed by Afef Ben Mahmoud, Khalil Benkirane

    Blaga’s Lessons (Bulgaria, Germany)
    Directed by Stephan Komandarev
    Produced by Argo film
    Coproduced by 42film

    Capturing Sami (working title, Romania, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Adi Voicu
    Produced by Axel Film

    Dormitory (Turkey, Germany)
    Directed by Nehir Tuna

    Expedition 49 (Ukraine, France, Poland)  documentary
    Directed by Alisa Kovalenko
    Produced by East Roads Film

    Freedom (Romania, Hungary)
    Directed by Tudor Giurgiu
    Produced by Libra Films
    Coproduced by Mythberg Films

    The Future (Israel)
    Directed by Noam Kaplan

    Hesitation Wound (Turkey, France, Romania)
    Directed by Selman Nacar
    Produced by Kuyu Film

    Rabbi Heller Blues (Israel) documentary
    Directed by Renen Schorr

    Sirin (Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France)
    Directed by Senad Šahmanović
    Produced by CUT-UP d.o.o.

    The Trap (Bulgaria, Germany)
    Directed by Nadejda Koseva
    Produced by Borough Film
    Coproduced by Coin Film

    When You Are 17 (Georgia, Germany)
    Directed by Giorgi Mukhadze
    Produced by Terra Incognita Films
    Coproduced by Unafilm