FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2022: Jugoslava

    Jugoslava by Ivan Bakrač Jugoslava by Ivan Bakrač photo: Dušan Grubin

    SARAJEVO: Montenegrin director Ivan Bakrač will be presenting the project of his sophomore feature Jugoslava at the CineLink Co-production Market, which will take place 13 - 18 August 2022. For now, Jugoslava is a coproduction between Montenegro, Serbia and France.

    Jugoslava follows its title character through her search for a new place to live, unburdened with the past and memories. Through her search, she becomes obsessed with places, interiors and the lives of other people in their intimate spaces. Trying to fight loneliness, the 55-year-old Jugoslava, whose husband is dead and whose son moved abroad, will end up roaming the lost identity of her nation and having to answer questions about her own life.

    The film is produced by Montenegrin Quadrifolium Films in coproduction with Nikolina Vučetić Zečević of Serbian Biberche Productions and Guillaume de Seille of French Arizona.

    The budget is estimated at 790,000 EUR and so far the film has been supported for development by the Film Centre of Montenegro.

    The producers are looking for possible coproducers from the region, but they are also open for possibilities of cooperation with other, especially Nordic, coproducers.

    Jugoslava should be filmed in Montenegro and Serbia, and possibly in one of the coproduction countries. Principal photography is planned for the summer of 2024.

    All the territories except Montenegro and Serbia are available.

    Ivan Bakrač‘s debut feature After the Winter (Artikulacija, 2021) premiered at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

    Production Information:

    Quadrifolium Films (Montenegro)
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    Biberche Productions (Serbia)
    Arizona Films (France)

    Director: Ivan Bakrač
    Scriptwriter: Ivan Bakrač