PRODUCTION: My Father, My Mother, My Sister Shooting in Sofia


    SOFIA: Director Dimitar Kozev-Shosho started the shooting of his second feature My Father, My Mother, My Sister on 29 June 2015. The theatrical distribution is planned for 2016. 

    The script written by fashion photographer Ivan Markov and Dimitar Kozev-Shosho follows two teenage stepsisters as they grow up and discover life. Kozev told the Bulgarian press that he believed “it was never too late to live a happy childhood” and that “people grow through their losses”.

    Spotlight is producing. The NFC gave the project a production grant of 190,000 EUR in 2014.

    Alexandra Kostova and Radina Borshosh are playing the main characters, while the acclaimed Julian Vergov plays their father.The four weeks shooting plan includes street locations, the Sofia underground and popular places like the Zoological Garden and the main public garden, Borisova gradina. Аlexander Stanishev (TV series Glass Home, bTV) is the DoP.

    An active English translator, Dimirat Kozev became famous in 2011 with his extremely low budget urban comedy Lora from Morning Till Evening, shot with a Canon 7D and produced by Spotlight. He also co-directed The Fourth Estate, a TV serial from 2013, produced by BNT.

    Production Information:

    Spotlight Productions
    Elemag 19, bl.309
    Sofia 1113
    +359 897 889 180
    +359 898 626 212
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    Director: Dimitar Kozev-Shosho
    Script: Ivan Markov, Dimitar Kozev-Shosho
    DoP: Аlexander Stanishev
    Cast: Alexandra Kostova, Radina Borshosh, Julian Vergov, Ani Papaodipolou, RadenaValkanova, Valentin Ganev, Stanimir Gamov