Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Josh O'Connor and Marion Cotillard to Shoot Lee Miller Biopic in Croatia

    Dubrovnik Dubrovnik credit: Embassy Films

    DUBROVNIK: The ruins of the abandoned Kupari military resort near Dubrovnik, which was heavily destroyed by shelling in the 1990s Croatian Homeland War, will serve as WW2 setting for the filming of Lee Miller biopic, directed by Ellen Kuras and starring Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Josh O'Connor and Marion Cotillard.

    Lee is financed and produced by England’s Rocket Science, coproduced by Australia’s Hopscotch Features and serviced by Croatia’s Embassy Films.

    Filming in Croatia will take place in the second half of September 2022, in the wider Dubrovnik area. In addition to dozens of Croatian technicians who are already building the sets, and hundreds of extras engaged in the battle scenes, famous Croatian makeup artist Ivana Primorac is onboard as the makeup and hair design head.

    The producers have applied for 25% cash rebate through the Filming in Croatia project, the representatives of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre have confirmed to FNE. Jelka Tepšić, City of Dubrovnik's Deputy Mayor, expects the local expenditure to reach “a few million kuna” (1 kuna = 7.5 EUR), including location fees for filming inside Dubrovnik walls.

    The story of the iconic photographer Elizabeth Lee Miller, a fashion model who became a war correspondent for the Vogue magazine during WW2 and famously posed naked in Hitler’s bathtub, will focus on her war years, from being freshly in love with her husband Roland Penrose to being a pioneer female reporter who succeeded in documenting the biggest WW2 atrocities.

    Lee is expected to hit the theatres in 2023, with Rocket Science International handling the international sales.